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Buddhist Casket Singapore

Choosing the right casket or coffin for a funeral can be a difficult decision. At 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services, we offer a range of caskets to cater to the needs and budgets of different families in Singapore. Have a look at the range of caskets that we offer below.

Model E04

Model S30 (Half-Glass)

Model E180 Coco (Half-Glass)

Model S803 (Half-Glass)

Model S80 (Half-Glass)

Model S809 (Half-Glass)

Model S809 Lotus (Half-Couch)

Model S220 Coco (Half-Couch)

Model Chengai (Half-Glass) Burial only

A dignified funeral

Caskets are one of the most important decisions to make during funeral planning. The type of casket you choose is significant to honour the dearly departed and showcase an expression of your love. It can also reflect the deceased’s personality and taste as a final tribute to their life. Our professional funeral advisors will spare no effort to help you create a heartfelt farewell for your loved one.

Making the last moment special

Choosing a casket is a matter of personal choice. There are many beautiful selections available today in Singapore that can fit any need and budget. Our ranges of caskets are included in our funeral packages as well to provide a convenient one-stop service that is value for money. We firmly believe that every departed person deserves a dignified send-off for their last journey.

Caskets come in various materials, linings, colours and designs. Wooden caskets are one of the more popular options, as cremation is more common in Singapore. They can also be sprayed with beautiful polished finishes. Another casket feature to consider is the lid type. There are half glass and half couch caskets to allow viewing of the deceased during the wake for visitors to pay their respects to. When it comes to the interior of the casket, there is a variety of choices for casket lining materials such as linen, satin, velour and velvet. Ultimately, the final decision should reflect the wishes of your loved one or the preferences shared by the family.

Serving with compassion and care

When emotions are high and time is a constraint, the process of arranging a funeral can be overwhelming for families as they are grieving for the loss of their loved one. At 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services, we understand the importance of our role to the bereaved. Our funeral directors are committed to assist family members in the funeral procedures and ensure everything goes smoothly to bid their last goodbye. We take great care to be compassionate and understanding towards the needs of families to help plan a meaningful funeral service for departed loved ones.