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One of the most challenging things to do is letting your children know that someone close to them has passed away. It can be tempting to hide this fact from your kids when such an incident occurs. However, lying will only make things worse as your children may get angry and confused when they discover the truth.

Whether it is a death of a pet, a close relative, or even a parent, your children should learn to understand this concept as early as possible. This will better prepare them to deal with the possibility and finality of death. Let us share three ways you can break the news to your little ones and teach them to understand this natural phenomenon.

Make death a part of your normal conversations

Many experts agree that the earlier you normalise death for your children, the easier it will be for them to understand this natural phenomenon. It can be challenging for adults to process the passing of a loved one, let alone children who might not be able to fully express themselves just yet.

Finding subtle ways to incorporate the topic of death into your daily conversations can make it easier for children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, to deal with this concept when it does occur.

Be direct but also gentle

Some parents try to beat around the bush when breaking this devastating news to their kids. Even though their hearts are in the right place in such situations, it may not turn out to be the right thing to do. Many experts agree that the best way to handle such scenarios is to be as honest and direct as possible. However, some discretion is advised as you are still dealing with children after all.

Perhaps the best way to go about this is to take your children to a familiar spot where they are comfortable before dropping the news on them. Kids are naturally inquisitive, and they will have questions about what dying means. It is best to answer their queries honestly so they can learn about the concept of death early on in their lives. Be there for them as they try to process the complex emotions they are feeling when they realise the truth.

Exercise patience and understanding

The first few days following the death of a loved one is crucial. During this time, you should exercise as much patience as possible. Your children may not fully comprehend what just happened, and they may ask when the deceased will return to visit them. It is vital that you let them know that death is final. Try to understand that they are not doing this on purpose, and this is their way of processing the news. Answering their questions patiently and consistently will help them to grasp the truth.


Dealing with a loved one’s death can be challenging, even more so when you have kids that you have to stay strong for. However, it is unhealthy to bottle your emotions inside. It is ok to let your children see that you are upset so everyone can process their grief naturally.

During these trying times, it can be difficult to juggle taking care of your children and planning a funeral. As such, you should consider looking for a trusted funeral company in Singapore that can assist you with arranging a funeral for your loved one. If you have difficulty deciding on the proper arrangements, our consultants at 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services can advise you based on your preferences.