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Transparent Pricing Policy 

Here at 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services, our company believes in giving the best for bereaved families and customers with a transparent pricing system. Our Taoist funeral packages are reasonably priced without compromising on quality and service. With us, you will not be blindsided with surprise fees or hidden charges – we share a list of items on our website that are included in our funeral packages and the price you pay, which are clearly stated.


Professional Funeral Advisors

We employ a team of professional funeral advisors who are experienced in the industry and are well-versed with Taoist funeral rites and traditions to make the necessary arrangements for you. From the funeral parlour or place of wake till the end of funeral service and cremation, our funeral directors can advise and guide families every step of the way. With compassion and sensitivity, we take the time to understand the needs and wishes of different families, in order to provide them with a dignified final farewell for their dearly departed.

Prestigious Association

Our company is a member of The Association of Funeral Directors Singapore (AFD). As such, we are committed to observing the strict Code of Conduct and uphold the highest standards in the funeral service industry. We seek to assure grieving families with the best business practices to provide a sincere service during a time of distress. Each and every task is carried out with the satisfaction of our valued customers in mind.

Peace of Mind

As a reliable and trusted funeral service provider in Singapore, we aim to provide an all-inclusive 1Stop service package for traditional Chinese Taoist funerals. Our objective is to offer families a complete peace of mind as we deliver quality services and provide guidance through the various funeral procedures. Having operated for years and equipped with experience, our company dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of family members and ensure the proper arrangements are in place for a memorable send-off that will commemorate their loved one.

Full Suite Taoist Funeral Services

We understand that grieving families may feel overwhelmed when dealing with a loss while having to decide on funeral arrangements for their loved one. Thus, we strive to guide bereaved families during this difficult time and alleviate the burden of funeral planning.

Our team of funeral advisors will organise the funeral in accordance to the Taoist beliefs as well as the wishes of family members, including arranging transport services, liaising with vendors and preparing for the ceremony at the funeral parlour. Our funeral directors are available on-site, so families will be at ease with the knowledge that the funeral arrangements will be carried out smoothly.

Due to the multi-dialect Chinese community in Singapore, Taoist funeral services comprise of a wide range of practices and customs from different dialect groups such as Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainanese. Thus, it is crucial to work with an experienced funeral director who is highly familiar with the rites and rituals associated with Taoist funerals. Let us handle everything from the start till the end of the funeral for a final send-off that your loved one deserves.

Taoist Funeral Packages – Parlour

2 Days - $9,588 Nett

3 Days - $10,388 Nett

4 Days - $11,188 Nett

5 Days - $11,988 Nett

Taoist Funeral Packages – Void Deck

2 Days - $8,388 Nett

3 Days - $8,688 Nett

4 Days - $8,988 Nett

5 Days - $9,288 Nett