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Our world is constantly changing at a rapid rate. With it, our beliefs and practices change as well. While funeral customs and rites remain relatively unchanged, many Singaporeans no longer see the need to publish an obituary in the local papers.

Given that obituaries mainly served as a way to communicate the death of a loved one to the various family members, the dawn of the digital age has made this obsolete as we can now disseminate any important news via different communication apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.

However, an obituary can serve a greater purpose than just communicating a sad piece of news. Acknowledging the death of a loved one can often be an excellent way to heal during this challenging time. Let us share three reasons why you should consider publishing an obituary after a death.

1. Writing an obituary is part of the grieving process

Remembering your loved one is part of the grieving process. Humans are nostalgic creatures, and we often reflect on the good times we spent with others. These precious moments will remind you why your loved one matters so much to you and your family members.

Writing these moments down on the obituary is an excellent way of preserving those memories. In addition, doing so can be an emotional catharsis as you are pouring your emotions into a worthy endeavour, one that will be read and shared by your relatives. The relief you felt from sharing your feelings can also help you significantly during your grieving process.

2. Remembering your loved ones

An obituary is an opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased. Everyone has their own unique life story that deserves to be shared with the world. Writing an obituary offers the rest of the world a glimpse of the extraordinary life that your loved one has led. It also provides your family, friends, and acquaintances with an opportunity to reminisce and show their respects for the deceased when they provide their input for the obituary.

3. Sharing your loss with the world

It is emotionally unhealthy to keep your feelings bottled inside. Let your acquaintances know what you are going through so they can reach out to offer their condolences and help if you need them.

If you are comfortable with sharing the obituary online, you may find the comments found on social media to be comforting, especially when you are connecting with someone who is going through the same experience.

What you should know before writing an obituary

Before you begin writing your loved one’s obituary, you need to ensure that it contains the relevant information, such as the biographical information of the deceased, the details of their family and relatives, and the parties you wish to thank for their help with the funeral.

In addition, you should take this opportunity to highlight what made the deceased special. Describing their traits and personalities are excellent ways to paint an in-depth picture of your loved one to the world.

However, at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong when writing an obituary, so you should make what you feel is the best choice.


Dealing with a loved one’s death can be challenging. You may find that publishing an obituary of the deceased can significantly help you with your grief during this trying time.

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