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It is common to find many people making an effort to plan the big moments in their life, such as a birthday or their weddings, only to see them fall short when it comes to their funerals. Death is still a sensitive topic for many Singaporeans, and many find the thought of planning their funeral to be a morbid affair. However, similar to the other occasions in your life, you would want your wishes to be carried out accordingly. And pre-planning a funeral gives you control over precisely that.

Suppose you have given some consideration to the matter. In that case, it is imperative for you to take note of the common funeral planning mistakes made, so you can avoid repeating them.

1. Planning solely based on cost

Price is undoubtedly an essential factor when you are planning a funeral. However, this should not be your sole consideration. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. Therefore, you should not compromise your funeral under the guise of lower prices.

It is crucial for you to verify the details and everything outlined in the funeral package before making your decision. You should consider your options carefully and select the one that suits your needs, and not because it is cheap. It is best for you to seek the advice of a funeral director who is well-equipped to provide you with the information you need.

2. Failing to clarify your wishes

The death of a loved one is a harrowing affair for the family. Add to this the stress of arranging a funeral for their relative, and the burden can be too much to bear for some. You can help to ease the minds of your family members by pre-planning your funeral. Doing so also allows you more control over how you want the ceremony to be carried out.

We understand that everyone has different needs. Therefore, it is crucial for you to talk to a funeral director to begin your arrangements. You should let them know what you want to include, from the type of funeral services to the final resting place. Pre-planning a funeral affords your loved ones sufficient time and energy to grieve your death properly. This also allows them proper closure to move on and live healthy and happy lives after your passing.

3. Not informing your family members of your wishes

It is vital for you to inform your family about your arrangements when you are pre-planning your funeral with a funeral director. Not only are they told of your plans, but they will also know whom to contact when the death occurs. They will then be well-prepared to execute your wishes and ensure everyone can grieve your passing.

4. Failing to clarify your questions

There are several variables to consider when planning a funeral service. A common mistake that numerous people make is to assume things or be too afraid to ask questions. Do not hesitate to clarify any questions you have with the funeral director. They are there to ensure your wishes are carried out accordingly and everything is accounted for.


Planning a funeral can be a stressful affair. Having a trusted funeral company in Singapore who can assist you in the matter will help to smoothen the process immensely. Additionally, letting your family know what to do when death occurs goes a long way in helping them to fulfil your wishes. If you require assistance in pre-planning a funeral, you can contact 1Stop Buddhist Funeral Services at 6452 9588.